Monday 12th November demonstration with Amanda Jackson.

Amanda Jackson gave a brilliant demonstration in oils ,on Monday 12th November , entitled ‘Night in the City’. In less than 2 hours she produced a beautiful painting with a fast paced running commentary explaining her methods and decisions on values and composition. It was truly inspirational! The evening was enjoyed by a full house! The first half was spent guiding us through the foundation of her painting. I think many would have been pleased to hang it on their wall at this early stage! In the second half Amanda really added the wow factor to her painting with a series of transparent glazes to produce a stunning piece of artwork! Maybe it’s time to get those paints and brushes out and try this technique of capturing the light and translucency that Amanda brought to her work.
See the stages below:
The monochrome underpainting is acrylic. The color is produced by glazing over the acrylic in oils.

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