March 2024 – Max Hale

Max Hale visited the society in March 2024 and saved the day due to a short notice cancellation of our advertised artist.

Max gave us a fun and entertaining demonstration, painting a “Cafe” scene using Acrylics and demonstrated techniques in blocking to create the image.

Maxwell Hale, (Max) is an artist/painter with a depth of experience spanning almost five decades. He was fortunate to have the late Ken Howard OBE RA, as one of his former art school tutors. Max attributes much of his skill set and practice to his tutelage, particularly drawing. Max’s paintings reflect his keen eye for graphic and tonal elements, with the interplay of light and shadow. His diverse portfolio demonstrates his versatility as an all-media artist, excelling in figurative and latterly abstract work.

Max has been recognised with numerous international accolades throughout his career, including having a portrait displayed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam alongside works by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

As a tutor, Max’s commitment to inspiring others through his teaching is just as impressive as his artistic achievements. He writes a range of classes and mentoring programs,` he empowers his students to strive for improvement in their artistic endeavours.

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