April 2023 Steve Woodham

Steve visited the society in April 2023 and showed us his approach to creating Cubism art using bottles and a glass as subject matter.  Whilst the video camera was upside down for the first half of the presentation this didn’t actually matter as the picture was continually spinning around as Steve created the art – bottles up or down didn’t therefore seem to matter but after a camera correction it was determined bottles up!

Anyway thanks to Steve for the presentation it was very interesting and sparked many of the society to go have a go at this type of art.

Steve wasn’t able to complete the painting within the presentation but we hope to see the final painting in the near future – images will be posted!


About Steve: https://www.stevewoodhamsart.com/

Steve spent most of his working life as an operations manager in the lighting sector before taking the plunge in to Cubism and is a self taught artist living in the Black Country.

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