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10th JANUARY Demonstration Victoria Parsons
Coloured Pencil Drawings – for Victoria drawing is the most important element of art, observation is key to understanding her many wild life subjects.

24th JANUARY DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

14th FEBRUARY AGM / Social Evening
Food supplied

28th FEBRUARY DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

14th MARCH Demonstration Amanda Jackson
Girl on the Beach Oils – Amanda likes to explore the human relationships and looking for the extraordinary within life’s ordinary moments.

28th MARCH DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

11th APRIL Demonstration Sandra Wadkin
Alcohol Ink Paper/Abstracts – Sandra produces many colourful abstract pictures created through a series of processes including making papers prior to finishing in resin.

25th APRIL DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

9th MAY Demonstration Sarah Janavicius
Flowers In Watercolour/Collage – Sarah favours big bright watercolour pieces and uses her textural collage technique to highlight the contours of nature.

14th MAY BCAF Event
23rd MAY DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

13th JUNE Demonstration Mark Warner
Seascape in Acrylic – Mark grew up on the coast in Wales and likes to bring his sketches to life with colour and interpretation of the light and weather conditions.

27th JUNE DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

11th JULY Demonstration Richard Holland
Landscape in Oils – Richard is based on the Derbyshire Dales and has a love of landscape painting in oils and watercolours.

25th JULY DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

8th AUGUST Demonstration George Boyter
Oxford Townscape in Watercolour – George is a watercolour artist and teacher, having formerly worked as a creative director in advertising.

22th AUGUST DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

26th AUGUST Art Exhibition / Set Up
27th AUGUST Art Exhibition
28th AUGUST Art Exhibition

12th SEPTEMBER Demonstration Ruth Gray
Townscape in Acrylic – Ruth is a painter who likes to capture an atmosphere, and her demonstrations show how to paint dynamically to capture an impressionistic atmosphere and sense of place without fussy detail.

26th SEPTEMBER DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

10th OCTOBER Demonstration Ingrid Hill
Landscape in Watercolour & Mixed Media – Ingrid is inspired by the changing landscape of the forest and countryside near her home.

24th OCTOBER DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

14th NOVEMBER Demonstration Mark Baker
Architectural Illustration in Watercolour – Mark is an architectural illustrator, who specialises in commissions of buildings. He will do a presentation of technique based on his catalogue of illustrations and then a practical demonstration.

19th NOVEMBER Christmas Art & Craft Fair

28th NOVEMBER DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)

12th DECEMBER Christmas Social Evening
Food supplied